Festivals and concerts

Production managers and festival directors around the UK use our SaddleSpans because they offer a unique venue and staging area. The SaddleSpan footprint can be adapted to the space required and they can be installed on a wide variety of ground conditions from grass to concrete.

Production managers also know that our team is professional, adaptable, used to working in difficult environments, undemanding and do not need to use any site resources as we are a self-contained supplier.

We provide risk assessments and adverse weather management plans, so whether you are hosting a classical concert or a full-blown festival, SaddleSpans offer the perfect solution.

Festival SaddleSpan configurations

SaddleSpans can be configured in a number of ways for use at festivals by connecting units together and adding sidewalls. Typical uses for saddlespans at festivals include stage cover, bar areas and VIP areas. At The Amazing Tent Co we have worked with major UK festivals including Latitude, The Big Feastival, Creamfields and BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend.

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Stage cover

As stage cover, the SaddleSpan is erected in two configurations; either left open at both ends or covered at one end to provide protection for artists and equipment. There are two options for stages up to 10m or 16m wide.

More about stage covers.

Bar venue

As a bar venue our SaddleSpans can comfortably accommodate 300-400 people undercover with up to 16m of bar area.

Being semi-tensile means minimum flap and low noise. The clean, curvaceous lines of the SaddleSpan draw customers in and can be easily branded whilst a simple lighting design creates a wonderful ambience.

VIP area

Any of our SaddleSpan structures can be used as a VIP area – the S5000 TriSpan is the most popular giving a huge wow factor that will impress your guests.

The SaddleSpan is very adaptable and can be dressed in any theme or style you choose.


SaddleSpans provide excellent stage cover for outdoor concerts or gigs, and the classic white curved structure fits in well in both country parks or city surroundings giving real impact when lighting is added. The S5000 and the S2000 are the perfect choice for concerts and gigs, offering a stage area of up to 16m, which would easily accommodate a 40-piece orchestra. They also have excellent acoustic properties for anything from rock, jazz or opera.

We have provided stage cover for major gigs and concerts for the likes of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Scottish Opera.

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