Saddlespans tents

The most versatile structure for the events industry

S1000 TriSpan

Size: 320m2 – 470m2  |  People: 175 – 940

The S1000 TriSpan is classic, striking and stylish and can be easily transported around the country.

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S2000 SaddleSpan

Size: 215m2 – 250m2  |  People: 120 – 500

The S2000 SaddleSpan is the ideal concert and festival structure where space is at a premium, owing to its compact footprint.

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S5000 SaddleSpan

Size: 375m2 – 500m2  |  People: 155 – 800

The original classic SaddleSpan – a tried and tested temporary event structure that can be branded and installed either on grass or hard surfaces.

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S5000 DuoSpan

Size: 760m2 – 900m2  |  People: 420 – 1800

The S2000 Duospan provides a unique space that is over double the size of an S2000 and offers larger areas of enclosed space with a central entrance.

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S5000 TriSpan

Size: 1040m2 – 1400m2  |  People: 575 – 2800

The SaddleSpan TriSpan can be configured to be completely open, closed at one or two ends, or be totally enclosed.

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Size: 1842m2  |  People: 2,900 – 3,700

The QuadSpan is the only one in Europe of its kind. With epic proportions and plenty of space, it’s the perfect option if the TriSpan is a squeeze.

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Bespoke configurations

Size: Limitless  |  People: Limitless

The modular nature of the S5000 SaddleSpan means that configurations other than the DuoSpan and TriSpan are possible.

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Ancillary structures

Size: Range of size and styles  |  People: Limitless

We can offer a wide selection of ancillary structures as part of your package, in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

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