New Year’s resolution: Reduce the rubbish

As fun, as many events can be, it’s no secret that they can create a lot of waste.

At Amazing Tents, we work hard to ensure no disposable items are used for our event tents – every part of the structure is reusable.  

To celebrate the New Year in an environmentally friendly way, we’ve got some suggestions on how you can make your event sustainable without compromising on the fun. 

Provide recycling stations 

When enough bins aren’t provided at an event it can lead to them being overfilled and waste thrown on the ground.  

To keep the event tidy and help protect the environment, make sure to provide plenty of bins and recycling areas. You could even run incentives to encourage more recycling, like money off drinks for every cup recycled.  

Remove single-use items 

You will have seen this being done more and more in the event industry as we move away from single-use plastic.  

The main area this will affect at your event is how you serve food and drink. Try opting for reusable crockery or recyclable materials. There are lots of event hire companies that will provide you with the all crockery you need and then after the event take them back to be professionally cleaned.  

Hire your decorations 

As pretty as a lot of decorations you find can be, a lot of them don’t tend to be recyclable or reusable.  

Opting to hire your decorations will allow you to bring your event to life with minimal wastage.  

Be responsible behind the scenes 

Your staff can also help to make the event more sustainable behind the scenes.  

For instance, using reusable water bottles, cutting up any plastic that might be harmful to wildlife (like plastic beer packaging), making sure electricity is being turned off when it’s not being used, and encouraging guests to recycle or take their rubbish home.  

Arrange transport for your guests 

To save on multiple cars arriving at your venue, it’s a good idea to arrange buses for your guests so that they all come together. This is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint by significantly reducing the number of cars on the road which lessens the number of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.  

You could also suggest carpools if some people can’t make the collection points. 

Switch to digital tickets 

Cut out the plastic wristbands and printed tickets by opting for digital ticketing where guests use their mobile phones.   

The option to print can still be there for people who don’t have a smartphone, but the majority of people will be happy to use their phones – especially if it cuts out the hassle of printing.  

We hope this inspires you to incorporate some of these ideas into your event, helping make positive changes to the event industry. And if you need an Amazing Tent you know where to come! 

For more helpful event advice head to our website here. 

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