Why a SaddleSpan is the ideal choice for a motivational staff weekend

Staff motivation can be one of the biggest driving forces of any business, but it can also be a weak point. Motivated employees are more productive, creative and much happier, which means that they are more likely to remain loyal and stick around.

As for how to motivate employees, an ongoing strategy is crucial. However, a key part of this is are events such as team-building and motivational weekends which show staff that you are willing to invest time and money into their development as a team.

Planning a motivational weekend for your staff that does actually boost their morale and motivation can be trickier than you may think. We’ve all been on drab, rainy staff weekends in uninspiring venues, and these are not experiences we’d want to repeat. If the announcement of your last team-building weekend was met with eye rolls and groans, it’s obvious you need to make drastic changes to how you plan your events.

It’s all about the venue

To inspire your team, start with an unusual ‘outside of the box’ venue. Around 18 months ago, the Amazing Tents Company provided national retail chain Fat Face with a DuoSpan event tent for a motivational weekend for their key staff members.

Holding talks and team-building activities in such an unusual and exciting structure, especially compared to the usual hotels and conference centres these events are usually held in, was a great way for Fat Face managers to surprise their teams. Attendees stayed in market bell tents on site in a remote and very beautiful part of Cumbria, with easy access to every activity during the weekend.

The dramatic proportions and shapes of the DuoSpan, along with the impressive lighting and design of the interiors, made this venue very special indeed – which, of course, makes employees feel special. The weekend was fun, educational, productive and inspiring, with fantastic feedback all round. If you want to shake things up and inject new enthusiasm into your way of working, this is most definitely the way to do it.

Tips for motivating your team

As well as organising amazing events to motivate your teams, there are lots of other things you can be doing to reinvigorate your key employees. Here are just a few handy tips for managers and motivators:

  • Treat everyone as an individual
  • Offer constructive feedback and praise good work
  • Lead by example
  • Give teams ownership of projects and systems
  • Offer benefits that boost morale, not just bank balances
  • Put excellent communication at the heart of everything you do
  • Be firm, fair but flexible
  • Encourage your team members to take a break
  • Establish a ‘no blame’ culture within your workplace

If you’re planning a motivational or team-building weekend for your employees and you’re looking for an amazing and unique venue, The Amazing Tents Company could have the ideal SaddleSpan for you and your team. Get in to get the ball rolling and start discussing options.


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