What we did on our holidays: Amazing Tents in Azerbaijan for the European Games

The Amazing Tents team are usually extremely busy during summer, installing event tents, marquees and SaddleSpan stage covers at top UK festivals such as Glastonbury and Creamfields.

However, this year, we took on a brand new challenge on top of everything else – in Baku, Azerbaijan!

Amazing Tents headed over to Baku ahead of the 2015 European Games, the very first edition of the event that has ever been held, and which launched on 12th June 2015.  Our job was to provide weather cover for the President of Azerbaijan as he witnessed the lighting of the torch, just like in the Olympic Games. The rally torch was lit in a ceremony in the historic Temple of the Eternal Flame, which is just outside the city.

Battling the weather

Baku is one of the windiest cities in Europe, which the team experienced first-hand when trying to assemble the canopy tent chosen for the job. A S5000 SaddleSpan Canopy was judged to be the best structure to withstand the winds, which were regularly 45mph and on occasion reached gust speeds of 65mph according to the tent’s anemometer – for those not in the know, those are Gale Force 10 speeds!

In addition to the extremely windy conditions, there was another challenge to overcome. The Temple of the Eternal Flame is on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that there are serious restrictions on what you can use to install a structure. Stakes could not be used, so to keep the event tent rigid and secure – a number of one ton blocks were employed. Tiring work, but definitely worth it to keep the structure in place without damaging the site.

The sturdy S5000 performed magnificently, being rock solid throughout and providing the President with protection from the weather as he witnessed the ceremony.

It really does show the versatility of the award-winning SaddleSpan structure, especially the canopy. From providing a stage cover with excellent acoustics, weather protection and aesthetic appeal for some of the biggest rock bands in the world to sheltering the President of Azerbaijan as he launches a brand new international event in an UNESCO World Heritage site – is there anything this sturdy little event tent can’t do?

About the 1st European Games

Amazing Tents were really excited to be chosen to help out at this event, as it is the inaugural edition of a brand new international Games competition. What makes the European Games different from other European competitions is that it is a multi-sport event, created and managed by the National Olympic Committees of Europe. Around 6000 athletes competed in 20 sports, from gymnastics and athletics to aquatics, badminton, judo and wrestling.

Azerbaijan and Baku city leaders were understandably delighted to be chosen to host the very first edition of the Games, and Amazing Tents were honoured to be even a small part of making it all happen.

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