The SaddleSpan is the perfect party tent

SaddleSpan tent lit up for a party

If you’re looking for a great, bespoke event space to hold your party, why not consider a SaddleSpan event tent? Our tents offer the wow factor for any event and make it a memorable experience, as well as offering flexibility that is hard to find in a traditional event space.

Here are a few other reasons our SaddleSpan event tents could be the ultimate event space or party venue for you:

We can assemble it almost anywhere
All we need to put up a SaddleSpan tent enough space. We can erect our event tents in a wide range of different locations, from car parks and large gardens to fields and even the grounds of stately homes. They can be put up on a variety of surfaces, including grass and concrete. We recommend you find out how much space you have to work with ahead of hiring your SaddleSpan so we can make sure you hire the right size tent for the space. We also suggest you leave a little space for us to set it up, and for any additional equipment you might need.

It’s modular, so we can make the shape work whatever your event
We can completely customise the shape and layout of our tents to meet the requirements of your event. From adding a marquee for caterers to work from, to opening out the sides to make the most of a beautiful setting or allowing ventilation. One of the best advantages of a SaddleSpan, however, is the option to create zones within the tent. This could include space for a bar area, or a dance floor; perhaps you need space for a buffet, or a chillout area as well as a dining space and a conference area? All this is possible within one tent – our team can talk you through and carefully design the best layout for you.

It has all the space you need
In our SaddleSpans you can accommodate many more guests than most interior spaces. Although there is a maximum capacity for each tent and configuration, they are larger than average indoor event spaces. This means the sky is the limit with how big you can go with your party, making it perfect for a memorable event.

It’s a blank canvas
Despite being such a large space, SaddleSpans are perfect for customising, the large white interior is the ideal blank canvas. From hanging banners, to laying click-together flooring, rig lighting to hanging screens, the options are endless, and can be absolutely spectacular. You can make your event truly customised in a way that would not be possible in a conventional venue.

A SaddleSpan could be the perfect space, giving you the flexibility and wow factor to make a very memorable event. Don’t forget to consider what size tent you need – our recent blog highlights all the factors to take into consideration: Hiring the right size tent

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