The Amazing Tent Company Orientation Day

Yesterday (18/4/12) The Amazing Tent Company braved the April showers and headed to the Amazing Barn for a company orientation day. The aim of the day was to ensure our fabulous crew have the perfect health & safety and technical knowledge in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

The busy schedule covered several important factors, code of conduct, client relations, best practice, technical skills, dealing with adverse weather – We had a little help with this one, the weather was miserable to say the least.
The day covered both theoretical and practical aspects. The crew installed an s5000 SaddleSpan perfecting the use of tools and folding the tent fabric.

Aside from the weather, the day went without a hitch and our crew showed the impeccable level of skill, knowledge and dedication we have come to expect from them. They really are a testament and credit to our company and we appreciate the efforts applied to their art form.

Thanks guys!

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