Sprucing up your event tent for Spring

Saddlespan at spring time outdoor event with branded enclosure

The dark winter months are finally behind us. As we welcome the longer days and lighter evenings, our thoughts are turning to sprucing up Saddlespans for the fast-approaching Spring and Summer events. 

Bring in the light – as the weather improves, the option of not having sides on the Saddlespans at events is a popular one. It means that the light inside and under the canopy is increased, reducing the need for artificial lighting for daytime events. Of course, if your event transitions from daytime to evening, the sides can be re-introduced to emphasise any lighting effects for a nighttime event. 

Freshen up – the Spring months inspire a brighter, cleaner look for events. Think about bringing florals, patterns, or pastels in to your décor. Also, if you decide to remove the sides of the Saddlespan, it means your design choices can flow from inside to the outside space too. This can create a larger area to accommodate your clients and guests, promote your message, or launch your product.  

Make a statement – if you want to really stand out from the crowd, there is always the option to brand the Saddlespan exterior too. It will give you optimal brand exposure – especially on a site with multiple exhibitors or at a public site such as a festival. There are several areas on the tent that you can brand, including the sides and banners under the front of the curve. 

So, whilst we give our Saddlespans a good Spring clean ready for our busiest time of the year, consider how you can give your event a makeover. We’re happy to chat your ideas over and recommend any partner organisations within the events industry who may be able to help you too.  

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