Showcase your business with a SaddleSpan

Events and exhibitions have been on the backburner during lockdown, but, as we all come out of hibernation, businesses being able to showcase their products will begin to become the norm again.

Summer exhibitions and marketing events are going to need big, safe spaces and there’s nothing like our SaddleSpans to do just this by creating a spectacular, versatile venue to really show off products and host events.

Think high, wide, curvaceous designs that create spacious and striking exhibition arenas. The SaddleSpan is the temporary structure to launch those new products that have been under wraps during lockdown. Though the summer brings a new freedom for socialising and networking, some buildings simply lack the social distancing space needed that our tents can provide. At the same time they have huge impact, and it really is exciting to be part of a full event set up in these amazing and versatile venues.

We know how important well-thought and accessible exhibition space is when you want to make an impression, and the SaddleSpan is the perfect space to create an experience for those who are keen to venture out, be impressed, and feel safe.


The expansive structure of a SaddleSpan is spot on for marketing your product or business in a memorable and highly visible way. We offer a number of ways to brand tents to suit your budget and required effect.

We know our SaddleSpans stand out from the crowd, and we are looking forward to all the new exhibition opportunities that are coming for all our clients as lockdown eases.

Read more here about which Saddlespans are available to suit your needs. To book one for your event or exhibition email the Amazing Tent team via or call 07778 835207.


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