S5000 TriSpan for Exhibitions

There are purpose built exhibition spaces around the country – The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, London’s Earl’s Court, the The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow to name but a few  – but however practical they are, exhibiting in or visiting an exhibition in one of these vast edifices can be a tiring experience.

To create a unique and refreshingly different event experience, why not use an S5000 TriSpan or other large configuration of SaddleSpans?

There are many advantages of using a SaddleSpan structure; the ability to be creative and atypical is one but perhaps the main advantage is that you can stage your exhibition in any location you desire.

Imagine the added attraction and interest there will be if you hold your exhibition outside Wembley Stadium, Battersea Power Station, a desert or where ever you want.

Being able to stage exhibitions in any location gives you freedom of choice and of course the ability to take your exhibition to your audience instead of making your audience come to you.

Please call us now if you would like to know how a SaddleSpan structure

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