How to make a small festival a success

When it comes to festivals, not everyone wants chart-topping bands and field upon field packed with rowdy campers. Some of us like things a little more low-key, which is why we choose smaller festivals featuring local and undiscovered talent, family-friendly activities and more unusual attractions.

If you haven’t found the right festival for you, why don’t you start one? Here are the 5 things you need to know to get your small festival up and running:

1. Get a professional set-up. We all like a good sing-song around the campfire, but when it comes to booking musicians and artists, both performers and audiences expect a certain standard. Get the right equipment, including event tents and festival stage covers to protect your performers from the elements and make the sound quality as good as you possibly can.

2. Make it accessible. Your festival may be small, but people still need to know how to get there. Choose a location that’s near local transport or public transport links, or put on a transfer for your festival-goers.

3. Do something different. Whether it’s a theme, attraction or star booking, give your festival a unique selling point.

4. Get the word out. No one will come to your festival if they don’t know about it – so start publicising your event!

5. Don’t let success go to your head. If your festival is a hit, you might be tempted to expand a little next year to make some more money…then a bit more the year after. Before you know it, you’re a sell out with a huge festival on your hands!

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