How To Accessorise Your Amazing Marquee

Having an amazing SaddleSpan to host your spectacular event is one thing – quite another is just how to accessorise such a stunning marquee.

Here at The Amazing Tent company we know exactly how and one element of your event might include marketing and banners.

Red Bull Banner

We know a thing or two about banners having worked with many brands and corporations over the years and will fully accessorise your event with any banner you desire.

Nokia Banner

The other accessory that might come in handy is ballast – yes, indeed – an element that will ensure your event does not leave the ground!

Bagged ballast

One final piece of the puzzle is flooring – to keep your guests and the event running smoothly with easy access.

Cassette flooring

For all this and an Amazing Structure you have come to exactly the right place – call us today to find out more about accessorising your event and about all the other tips and help we can give you directly from our little black book!

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