Event tents and blustery breezes – how do they perform in windy conditions?

If you’re planning an event, you need to plan for the weather. In the UK in particular, conditions can be very changeable even in the height of summer. You need to make sure that you have a roof over your guests’ heads and some shelter in case the heavens open or a strong wind picks up. If your event is outdoors without any shelter – make sure you have a back-up plan just in case.

Events in tents

If you’ve picked a SaddleSpan event tent for the occasion, be it a corporate, marketing or personal event like a wedding or birthday, you can comfortably check ‘shelter’ off your list. The great thing about these temporary structures is that they provide excellent shelter from the elements, but with the same feeling as being outdoors. They can adapt to both good and poor weather conditions – if it’s sunny and warm, you can even open up the doors to make the structure more open.

What about the wind?

One of the biggest concerns people have about hiring event tents and marquees for outdoor occasions is how they will perform on a particularly windy day. The last thing you want is draughts making your guests chilly, or an irritating ‘flapping’ noise of the tent struggling in the wind drowning out a best man’s speech or a key note speech.

The good news is that because SaddleSpan tents are used specifically for outdoor events, they have been specially designed to perform well in windy conditions. They are semi-tensile, which means that they hold their shape and produce minimum flap noise and movement. The ‘saddle’ shape of the tent is also important, as it gives the structure impressive stability even in high winds.

Many of the SaddleSpan configurations can be totally enclosed, which really does do what it says on the tin. An enclosed tent provides protection and shelter for all people and equipment inside, without the howling wind being able to get through. Once inside one of these tents, you can escape the horrible conditions and focus on having a successful and fun event.

What about open Saddlespan configurations?

As well as enclosed structures, these tents can be partially or completely open at the sides, just like a large marquee. This makes them fantastic for outdoor events in the summer sunshine, as well as for festivals where they are mainly used as bars and stage covers.

However, if the weather changes quickly, what happens to these open structures? The wind does not lift the tent as you may imagine, so there is no danger of them blowing away. In fact, they perform in just the same way as the enclosed configurations – the shape, semi-tensile structure and above all, the expert installation, all ensure that your event venue stays exactly where it’s supposed to be.



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