Corporate Marquee Hire Gloucestershire

If you are looking for corporate marquee hire in Gloucestershire, who better to call than a marquee supplier based in the county?

Here at Amazing Tent we provide SaddleSpans, which are the best temporary structure for corporate events on the market.

Versatile Marquees

SaddleSpans can be configured any way you like, have space for thousands of people if you require such a large area or can simply be used as a branded marquee for experiential marketing – the options are almost limitless!

Experienced Marquee Supplier

The Amazing Tent Company have been providing marquees for corporate hire for many, many years and understand the challenges faced by corporate event planners. We have the experience and contacts within the industry to help you with all of your planning if needed and we understand the importance of working within tight budgets and time frames.

Lower Costs

As well as being experienced and providers of the best temporary marquees available there is another, very important advantage in working with a Gloucestershire based marquee company  – cost.

One of the biggest factors in pricing is transportation costs; as we are in the same county as your corporate event, transportation cost, and therefore the total price is reduced so you will save money (or have more budget to spend on other aspects of your event).

So if you are looking for corporate marquee hire in Gloucestershire why not give us a call for a quote or just a chat about how we can help?

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