6 essential safety tips for party tents

If you’re throwing the bash of the year, the best venue to hold it in has to be an event tent or marquee. You can choose the size and even the configuration of your party tent, then plan what you’ll put inside, from seating, a dance floor and bar to a VIP area or a stage for live music – it’s up to you. If it rains, everyone is under cover and the party can continue. If the sun shines, you can open things up and enjoy the beautiful weather. A party tent really does offer the best of both worlds.

Safety first, fun later

It is always important to remember that a fun party is a safe party. After all, you don’t want your event to be memorable for the wrong reasons, such as a fire or an accident. To stay safe and follow all health and safety rules, here are the 10 essential party tent safety tips you need:

1. Don’t bring BBQs indoors Any burning fuel brought indoors (and a mostly sealed tent does count as indoors) can emit carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. It is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, so it can be very dangerous. If you want to cook indoors, have a fire pit or anything similar in your event tent, consult a specialist to find out how you can get the right ventilation and safety precautions to make it safe.

2. Carry out a risk assessment Just because a tent is not a building, it doesn’t mean that a full and thorough risk assessment shouldn’t be carried out. Your tent is a venue with its own hazards and risks, and these need to be spotted and made safe before you invite people to your party.

3. Don’t overload electrical sockets If you have power for your marquee, make sure you don’t overload plug sockets and extension leads. This could cause a fire or a dangerous electrical problem, or a power outage that could spoil your party. If you need more power, do it the proper way and call in the experts.

4. Follow all fire safety precautions This means carry out a fire risk assessment (different to a standard health and safety risk assessment, ensuring you have an emergency escape route, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and a plan for what to do if a fire should break out.

5. Avoid overfilling your tent Your event tent will have a maximum capacity, and a certain number of exits for this number. Don’t be tempted to go over this limit, as you’ll be breaching fire safety regulations and potentially putting your guests in danger.

6. Watch where you store your flammables Any flammable materials, such as gas canisters or alcohol, should be stored very carefully and away from sources of ignition. If possible, don’t store anything very flammable inside the tent. If you follow these 6 fairly common-sense tips, you can be sure that your party will be talked about for the right reasons.

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