5 amazing events to hold in a Spiegeltent

The Spiegeltent is quite unlike other types of event tent. Lovingly recreated from the traditional mirror tent of the early 1900s, this type of tent is fantastically decorative, with heaps of old-world charm and a strikingly unusual appearance.

Not surprisingly, Spiegeltents are very popular for events. They provide such a unique and memorable backdrop for a special occasion, but what kind of events are they best for? Here are just a few ideas (there are many, many more!)…

1.     Cabaret!

The look of the Spiegeltent, with its many mirrored surfaces and elaborate decoration, lends itself perfectly to a cabaret evening. The Spiegeltent even has a box office, which looks the part even if you don’t choose to actually sell tickets from it.  Book a few interesting acts, ask your guests to dress up in period outfits and enjoy a cabaret evening from the 1920s!

2.     Themed weddings

Everyone wants their wedding to be different, and a great way to stand out is by holding a themed wedding. If you have a vintage or period theme, the Spiegeltent could be just the venue you’re looking for, especially when situated in the grounds of a stately home or another beautiful location. An ideal use for it is for your evening reception, as it’s the perfect venue for a party.

 3.     Musical performances

This kind of event tent is perfectly set up for performances of all kinds, and it is particularly good for music. It has plenty of space for the audience, great acoustics and a fantastic performance space for your singers and musicians, as well as a box office and a bar. It’s easy to set up any equipment and lighting you may need, as the Spiegeltent can be rigged to your exact specifications.

4.     Theatrical productions

In addition to musical events, Spiegeltents make ideal theatres, providing a small, delightfully intimate venue for everything from amateur to professional performances. The atmosphere inside one of these tents is fantastic, really setting the scene and the mood for the show even as the audience arrives through the mysterious mirrored entrance.

5.     Fundraising events

If you want to do something a bit different with your fundraising event, the Spiegeltent is the perfect venue. Starting with your rather unusual venue, you can build a whole theme around this marvellous space, from dress code to food and entertainment.

For example, you could hold a 1920s themed afternoon tea party, asking your guests to dress up and rounding everything off with an hour or two of dancing. You can sell tickets at your tent’s box office and create your own themed cocktails at the Spiegeltent’s bar, and sell photos of everyone in their finery with the beautiful mirror tent as the backdrop.

This is just one example of the kind of magical day or evening you can create using the versatile Spiegeltent, all in the name of raising funds for excellent causes.

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