Wired for sound – preparing your Saddlespan tent for audio

Saddlespan tents are ideal for events where sound is a major factor, whether it’s live music, PA systems or other audio. The unique saddle shape of the design, curved in all the right places, means that they can provide exceptional acoustic quality.

However, to turn an empty event tent into an amazing music venue, you need to do a little preparation.

Live music

Saddlespan stage covers are perfect for gigs and festivals, and musicians are always impressed by the sound quality these tents can offer. To set up a stage cover ready for amazing sound, you’re going to need a professional lighting and sound team. They will have the expertise and experience, as well as the equipment, to give you a professional setup. It’s a good idea to call in your sound team at the same time as hiring your event tent, as you don’t want to end up with the venue without the sound, or vice versa.

Bars and DJ booths

If you’re creating a bar with your tent, you’ll find that you have plenty of space for a DJ booth. Make sure you plan out the space properly though, leaving enough room for all the equipment you’ll need to fit in – whilst still ensuring the space looks the way you want it to. Remember that you’ll need to properly cover or hide your wires and cables, as they can be a health and safety hazard as well as making the space look cluttered and unprofessional.

PA systems

Just like with stage covers, the framework of Saddlespan tents is setup for sound and lighting equipment. You can easily fit in all the PA speakers and equipment you need, and much of it can be attached at ground level so that there’s no need for dangerous installations at height.

Microphones and speeches

Event tents are often hired for weddings and other personal special occasions. If you’ve got such an event coming up, you’re going to need microphones for your speeches. This is easily achieved, especially if you hire the right equipment (tip: cordless microphones are a good idea, to save wires trailing all over your venue). However, if you’ve got a very large tent for your wedding, birthday or anniversary party – you’ll need to make sure your sound levels are carefully judged so that all your guests can hear everything.

Top tips for getting your event tent ready for sound:

• Make health and safety a priority – just like with lighting, you need to follow all regulations and carry out risk assessments when it comes to using electrical equipment for sound
• If in doubt, use a professional sound engineer – or at least consult one!
• Cover your wires – don’t leave it to the last minute or you could end up with potentially dangerous loose wires.
• Have a backup plan – what will you do if the power goes out, or a vital cable goes missing? Make sure you have a ‘plan B’ just in case the worse should happen.

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