What to do when your event goes Pete-Tong

Genuinely, we can empathise with disaster, starting out in eventing you make mistakes and there will always be errors out of your control, like ‘the SaddleSpan has been set up back to front’. And you think to yourself, “my life is over, my hard work is tarnished, where is that wine and I feel like never ever want to go back to work again”.

But then you remember there’s a mortgage to pay and that worse things happen at sea. It’s easy to say be calm, but being told to be calm generally penetrates anger and panic totally off the scale; so we’re not going to tell you to do that or ‘what will be, will be’ because, you need to fix it. Because the fairies won’t.

If there’s a problem, generally there’s more than one person that can help fix it. If your SaddleSpan’s backwards, or your entertainment has cancelled last minute, there will be a solution – even if you don’t know it yet.

We’re not suggesting you take on the role of speaking about pioneering technologies, or attempt stand-up comedy yourself, we’re suggesting that you share the problem with those involved with making the event a success. Generally – they’ll understand and try to help. If not well, you’re going to have to confess anyway; failing that emigrate to Australia and change your name.

The biggest thing about making mistakes, is the embedded fear of never wanting to make that mistake again, so no matter how big or small – you know what to avoid doing next time.

If you’re working with us on an event, our team are so passionate about doing the best they can, whether you want regular and constant updates, or you just want them to crack on and get the job done. And if anything does go Pete-Tong, we’re here to offer advice, solutions and therapy if necessary.

Talk to you soon,
The Amazing Team

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