We’re off the Rails – But in a Good Way

We try to give good customer service but sometimes we amaze even ourselves.

One of our clients wanted a temporary structure that we didn’t have and as it was a structure we’ve wanted to add to The Amazing Tent Company portfolio for some time now, we had a great excuse to get it.

So we did. From Canada.

All we had to do was get the structure back to the UK in time for our client’s event.

No problem.  Put it on a train, freight it across Canada and put it on a container ship. Easy.

Unfortunately, as things turned out, it was not quite so easy.  A strike by Canadian Pacific workers left the Canadian rail network paralysed and our structure stranded!

Fortunately, we have a fantastic logistics team who, working with Tentnology, the manufacturer, were able to implement a recovery plan instantly. Their solution was simple – put the structure onto a lorry and get it to the ship by road instead of rail.  Timing was tight because the ship wasn’t going to wait for us but we made it. To give you an idea of the size of Canada, it took two guys FIVE days, driving pretty much 24 hours a day to get from Vancouver to the port in Montreal.

The structure is now in the UK, and when it has recovered from the trip, we will be introducing it to you.

Well done everyone for an excellent job in getting it over here on time. We might have been derailed but we got back on track and delivered our promise.

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