Video Mapping on our SaddleSpans

Video projection mapping is a technique that turns almost any surface into a dynamic video display area and more and more companies are using video mapping to create amazing displays that wow their guests and promote their brand.

This short YouTube video gives you an idea of what video mapping is all about and the fantastic effects that can be achieved.

All of the examples seen in the video use buildings as the projection screen but what if you have decided to host your event in a SaddleSpan? Does this mean you can’t incorporate video mapping?

The answer is a resounding “yes you can”!  SaddleSpan marquees are semi-tensile and the walls of the structure are ideal for projecting images onto.

Imagine using video mapping on the outside of this SaddleSpan structure!

Not only do you have a fantastic venue, you also have the opportunity to add an extra dimension to your event.

Call us now if you would like more information about our SaddleSpans and to discuss the branding opportunities our structures offer.

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