Urgent! Rapid response to last-minute events

Many events are annual affairs, some are single occasion or once-in-a-lifetime events that are planned far in advance.

Every now and then however, there’s the last-minute event scenario. The ‘little notice, no time to plan’ type event. Sometimes an event is well planned but an emergency might occur, a venue falls through, or something breaks, or a supplier suddenly can’t provide. What happens then?

You need suppliers and companies to be there at the 11th hour, people who can turn things around at a moment’s notice. You might think that as an event structure business we only deal with bookings placed far in advance, but we like to think we get behind our clients and support them at any time – even with last-minute event structures.

At Amazing Tent Co we have the largest stock of SaddleSpan tents in Europe, with a large range of sizes and configurations available, which means we’ve often got extra structures in stock to help in emergency situations. SaddleSpans are infinitely versatile because several can be put together to make a larger structure and they can be erected on any type of surface, from grass to concrete. That means no matter what the event, we can find a structure for it.

We barely have a week without an event, however when a client calls, we’ll do anything we can to try and help. We’ve had situations, for example, where a festival director that had tents booked with us suddenly needed an additional one, and we pulled out all the stops to make it happen. Another in which an event manager had a last-minute request for an event from their corporate client, and we provided all the cover they needed with very little notice.

We like to say ‘whatever the event, we’ll cover it!’

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