Turn up the heat on your next event

event inside SaddleSpan with warm atmosphere

One of the most common queries when hiring a SaddleSpan over the winter months is whether the space will be warm enough. The answer is yes! Large heaters are very effective, and this means that SaddleSpans can be used all year round. You can rest assured you’ll be able to create a warm and welcoming space.

Assuming you would like to keep your guests as toasty as possible, we would suggest hiring a SaddleSpan with sides.

One of the most efficient heating methods is an indirect diesel heater, which sits outside and provides large volumes of clean, fume-free warm air through duct pipes. These heaters are controlled by a thermostat inside – much like the heating in your own home. They are excellent at warming up large spaces quickly and for long periods of time. Simply position outside your SaddleSpan and enjoy the warmth inside.

Halogen or infrared heaters without fans do not tend to be powerful enough to heat bigger spaces, so are best avoided. You may also want to avoid using a space heater – despite the lure of the cheaper hire costs. This is because they’re meant for use in well-ventilated areas, and without this it could potentially lead to carbon monoxide build-up.

Once you have chosen your heating option, we recommend getting them going at least an hour before your guests are due, so it is cosy and welcoming for their arrival.

Other tips to keep your SaddleSpan warm for a winter occasion include:

· Choosing a hardwood flooring rather than matting to help insulate your event from the colder ground.

· Not seating anyone too near the entry and exit points, even the best heating cannot stop draughts.

· You can create a feeling of warmth by choosing darker, richer colours and luxuriously comfortable furnishings when you consider the décor for your event.

· Lighting is also key when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere, so go for warm coloured lights to give the illusion of warmth on a chilly evening.

With these winter warmer tips in mind, holding an event over the cooler months of the year does not need to leave anyone out in the cold. And with our extensive event experience we can be on hand to advise you on your next exciting winter event.

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