Top tips for event planning

We’ve been in the events business for decades, so we have a lot of experience when it comes to planning events. It’s not too late to prepare for 2023 but ideally, as you’ll see from our first tip, organising events for 2024 can start now!

· There’s no such thing as starting to plan too early! Start planning and organising NOW.

· We love a production schedule. Creating a schedule or a timeline to help you see where you are on your planning journey is a real help for an ‘at a glance’ check. Make sure everyone involved in your event has access to a copy.

· Ensure that you, or your client has a clear and specific goal or outcome for the event. What is the purpose? That might be as simple as a great party, or it could be a product launch, whatever your event is, you need to target the look and audience carefully. Ensure this is clear and shared with all of your event partners and suppliers.

· You can’t do it all on your own. Delegate jobs and responsibilities and check them off against that schedule or timeline.

· Calculate, and then stick to your budget. We have a variety of #Saddlespans for every kind of event and budget, as will caterers, lighting suppliers, and designers. Speak to your suppliers and be honest and open about what you have to spend on which event elements. · Embrace event technology – we covered this item in our January blog. But tech does really seem to be an element to be considered and included where possible to ensure your event stands out from the crowd and is appealing to as many people as possible. Dare to be different!

· Finally – don’t take a risk when it comes to the venue. A venue can make or break your event. It’s crucial for space (obvious one!) but also how the space can be used, and how versatile it is. #SaddleSpans are versatile and impressive. They can be configured to suit your event, whether it’s a small party or a national exhibition. They are ideal as an open stage cover or for an enclosed ball – they’ve been used for all of these.

Now you have some top event planning tips, talk to us and we’ll suggest the most suitable and cost-effective option for you.

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