Top Tent Tips for planning a winter event

It seems wrong somehow in the depths of summer to be planning ahead for the winter season, but here at Amazing Tents that’s just what we’re doing. We’ve lots of exciting parties and corporate events coming up as the end of 2016 comes into sight. So we thought we’d share some of our Top Tent Tips for planning the perfect event once the nights draw in.

  • For us, there’s no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate heating. You may not think that a tent can be a cosy and intimate venue, but given the right lighting and heating options, it’s surprising how versatile our temporary structures can be. Also, the colder weather lends itself to surprisingly fun interior décor – throw rugs and fake furs over chairs to invite your guests to sit down and snuggle up!
  • Cloakrooms come into their own in the colder months. Guests arriving will probably wish to peel off several layers in order to showcase their party finery – make sure you’ve a corner dedicated to keeping their belongings safe. A bench or two to allow people to sit down and change shoes is a nice touch.
  • Supply hot food and drink throughout the event to help keep people warm. For a daytime meeting or conference, we’ve found that brie, bacon and cranberry paninis always go down well, or for a vegetarian option how about a hot frittata? For evening events, greet your guests with white mulled wine or a steaming punch cup to get the party started!
  • It’s time to get creative with your lighting and branding. The early evenings mean that your tent can glow from early on to showcase your colour choice, logo or even presentations. The beauty of our tents is that they’re so flexible they can accommodate many traditional ‘outdoor’ activities inside without a change in location – key to your guests having a great day and absorbing the messages you’re trying to convey!
  • Holding your corporate event or team building session in autumn or winter can offer a change of pace and may line up better with seasonal strategic planning. It may also make your budget work harder – choosing a quieter time of year when your chosen location isn’t in such high demand may mean your money goes further.

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