The importance of a well styled event

The Amazing Tent Company has been part of the planning and delivery of so many diverse events over the years, so we know and appreciate the value of a well-executed themed or styled event. This might be for an exhibition, product launch, conference, concert or outdoor event; whatever the occasion, the theme will create an impactful first impression, help to engage your target audience and attract attention.

If your event is for a product launch or corporate event, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and promotes your brand is important for a success. Our Saddlespan tents are the perfect choice for brand impact, as the opaque fabric cover of the tent is easy to style with company logos and can even be used as a film projection screen. There are a number of areas on the tent that you can use to promote your message, including the sides and banners under the front of the curve.

To encourage your guests or employees to engage, create an impressive occasion so they share their experience with others. The Saddlespans have the versatility to create a space for backdrops, ‘selfie’ corners or areas for bespoke furniture and props consistent with your theme. Guests and employees will act as natural advocates for your company, event or product through organic social media promotion, so make it memorable for them.

Your style or theme should also create an atmosphere in line with your brand messaging. Saddlespan tents give you the ability to dress and light the tent to create a striking backdrop to match your theme, or showcase your product effectively. There are no internal supporting poles to block the line of sight, and with its high, wide, curvaceous design, the SaddleSpan creates a spacious and spectacular area for your event.

Executed effectively, your themed event can deliver your goals and objectives using clever and bespoke venue styling. It’s no understatement to say we live and breathe events; as a team we are uniquely placed in our industry to offer the support and advice required for every type of event, with our team having delivered some of the most prestigious events for major clients around the world.

Get in touch with us to chat over your options to create your own outstanding styled occasion.

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