The event toolbox: what’s in yours?

We’re all aware of the ‘man drawer’ and women often mistake theirs as their ‘make-up drawer’ which is often full of junk, but junk we really need and want. Who knows when you might need batteries with no power left in them, or an empty perfume sample from 3 years ago. Your event toolbox should never become your man drawer.

There’s nothing worse than getting to an event and forgetting your scissors, or a pen, something you never thought you’d forget, but so insignificant you forget to remember. You’ll be sure to have 3 tape measures, 8 rolls of Sellotape and 3 posters from your last event, but don’t forget the most useful things of all.

Create a checklist well in advance of everything you know you’ll need. Anything from scissors to your pop-up stand. It’s often hectic in the run up to an event which leaves you with the dreaded feeling of ‘I must have forgotten something’.

One of our top tips is to label boxes of equipment with what’s inside. Use a tick list to easily see where items are and then you can clearly see if it came back when you unpacked it. Make a note of what you forgot last time, so you learn as you build your events experience.

Don’t forget to check what the venue is providing – tea towels and bin bags, anyone? Make sure they’re on the list just in case! Get rid of the stuff you don’t need and make sure you have everything you do.

Talk to you soon,
The Amazing Team

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