The Arco 10

There is another structure in our armoury that we would like to introduce to you – the Arco 10.

The Arco 10, like our SaddleSpans, is an eye-catching structure.  The fabric is semi-tensile so the roof does not flap about and, for what is fundamentally a simple design, it looks curvaceous and minimal, fulfilling the need for shelter without taking away from the main attraction inside.

The Arco 10 comes in at 10m x 10m, can be staked or ballasted (it only requires 500kg of ballast at each corner) meaning it can be erected on hard or soft surfaces with ease.

The whole structure is tidy, functional, easy to brand and is absolutely perfect for experiential marketing & roadshows.

If you would like more information about the Arco 10 please give us a call and find out what this little beauty can do for you.

The Arco 10 is perfect for roadshows

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