Tensile ARCO techture

Introducing the lastest tent in AMAZING’s range – the Italian designed ARCO 100 structure! Typical applications for the ARCO include merchandise unit, exhibition space, product launch area, corporate hospitality zone or simply a highly usable party space for 200 people!

ARCO 100 – Vital Statistics:

  • Dimensions: 10m (L) x 10m (W) x 4.5m (H)
  • M2: 100m
  • Structure: Tensioned membrane fabric on tri-truss frame with fabric side panels
  • Features: Modular – expand and adapt with multiple bays Branding – add banners, logos and overlays Customise – pick your corporate colour, retrofit rigid sides available Italian designed – British built!
  • Installation: 4 hours
  • Logistics: 3.5T flatbed van

For further information on the ARCO range or to request a quotation, please contact a member of the Amazing Tent team.

More information on Tent here: Arco tent

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