Hiring the right size tent

Making sure you hire the right size event tent can seem daunting, and certainly isn’t something you want to get wrong. There are many online calculators that estimate the size based on the number of guests and basic information, such as standing or seated events; these are great for roughly estimating what you’ll need but over-simplify your requirements. When you hire through us our team will take the time to talk through what you need in detail to make sure the tent you hire is right for your event. There are multiple factors to consider, from the number of guests to the layout of the space, from extras such as dance-floors to any staff working the event too. Here’s what we’ll need to know:

How many people?
We’ll need to know how many people will be at your event, this includes all guests, any speakers/hosts, event planners, serving staff, performers etc. It might be more than you initially think once it’s all added up.

Will your guests be seated or standing?
The type of event you are having will massively affect the size of structure you need. We calculate the space needed per person for different events. Seated events such as a sit-down dinner require more space per person than a theatre-seated seminar; a standing drinks reception will need less space than a party with a dance-floor. Our team can calculate this for you, taking out the guess work!

How will the space be arranged?
As well as the type of event we also consider how the space will be laid out. Will you need a bar in the space or an auxiliary tent to serve from? Will there be a dance-floor in the middle of the space or tucked into one corner? Will you have a speaker or performer requiring a stage? Will there be lighting rigs or sound systems to take into consideration?

Hiring an event structure isn’t just about getting the right size. Our team can also advise on other aspects to make sure your event goes smoothly, such as considering acoustics, making sure you deliver the wow-factor and practicalities such as planning for the weather.


Read our blog on choosing the right event structure for your event: https://www.amazingtent.co.uk/how-to-choose-the-right-cover-for-your-outdoor-event/


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Tips for planning a party for friends and family

From 19 July COVID19 restrictions are due to be relaxed, allowing larger gatherings.

For over a year we’ve all stayed away from large gatherings and missed out on celebrating those big birthdays and milestones with friends and family. From 19 July 2021, when restrictions are due to be lifted, we can look forward to getting our family and friends together to make up for lost time. Planning an event for a large number of people can be daunting, especially after a year of lockdowns and limited social contact, so we’ve put together a list of things to consider to make your catchup celebration one to remember for all the right reasons!

Plan for the British weather
At Amazing Tents we supply event structures for large festivals, but our smaller configurations are perfect for family parties and weddings too. These provide much needed shade and rain cover to keep your party going whatever the weather, and save needing to find an indoor space large enough.

Arrange catering
Preparing food for a large gathering can be quite a feat, so hiring in outside catering can be a great way to reduce the stress of organising a party. There are plenty of options to suit every budget from supermarket food platters to hiring a personal chef! If you bring in outside caterers to work at the party we can provide marquees and tents to accommodate food preparation areas.

Keep your guests hydrated
Its easy to get carried away thinking about alcoholic options like wine and cocktails for parties, but don’t forget to plan non alcoholic drinks for those avoiding alcohol, children and to keep guests hydrated between alcoholic drinks too. Jugs of water with fruit and ice are a great option to keep guests hydrated but also look great and can add to your decoration.

Provide entertainment
Music and other entertainment can be a great way to get the party atmosphere started. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a mobile phone or tablet connected to a speaker is a great option. You could also consider a local band or musician to bring that special touch to your gathering.

Think about the kids
Many family parties will include children, and keeping them entertained means a well-earned break for their parents! Bouncy castles, garden games such as croquet, and organised activities like scavenger hunts are a great way to keep them busy. You might also want to consider a separate marquee or tent to give children a covered space just for them.

A small saddlespan tent configuration for garden partyParty with a saddlespan tent

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Going global

We’re so excited about all the fantastic places we’ll be taking our SaddleSpans to this year, we thought we’d share a few of the global locations our crew and tents will be visiting. We’re packing our passports and taking our TriSpans, DuoSpans and SaddleSpans off to the glamour of Monaco, the heat of the Middle East, and the depths of central Europe. With many of our clients rebooking our temporary structures, we’re looking forward to working with old friends and new.

At Amazing Tents we haven’t forgotten our roots in the British countryside, and with bookings from all over the UK for the main 2017 season, you’ll be able to spot our SaddleSpans from Norfolk to Cornwall via Scotland and Wales.

So, if you’re considering a SaddleSpan for your event, whether you’re in Bath, Belarus or Berlin – drop us a line to see how we can help you. We won’t be beaten on price and will match any like for like quote.

Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Speak soon

The Amazing Team

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