Stand Out From the Crowd with a SaddleSpan

Stand out from the crowd, and from your competitors, at trade shows and exhibition fairs with a S5000 SaddleSpan canopy.

This striking canopy will not only give your exhibit, products, staff and potential clients cover  – it also acts as the perfect eye-catching structure for people to see and find your brand from far and wide.

With the apex of the canopy over 7ft high it towers over ordinary stand covers and it provides a perfect space to advertise your brand with prominent branding space which makes a stunning visual impact.

With the ability to dress, light and brand the canopy, the S5000 SaddleSpan is the ideal canopy for your product launch or trade show exhibit.

To talk to us about how we can make your brand stand out from the crowd, call us now to find how best we can help you.


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