Seven SaddleSpans Take Centre Stage

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Heptaspan!

This fantastic SaddleSpan construction was created for a corporate client who wanted something extra special.  The event was held in the beautiful grounds of Cardiff Castle, Jessie J was the star performer and The Amazing Tent Company created this breath-taking structure.

Made up of seven SaddleSpan S5000 modules we used a Duospan joiner to connect a Quadspan and Trispan giving 3199m2 floor area and a capacity of 5000. It took two and a half days to set up and a day to pack up and leave.

This was a massive corporate event involving a lot of contractors so communication and coordination was essential.  We put up the Quadspan first so that stages, lighting, flooring etc. could be installed whilst we were constructing and connecting the Trispan.

Building on such a historic site presented its own challenges. We couldn’t stake further than 6cms so employed 150 tonnes of ballast to firmly weight the tent to the ground.

For some reason, the original designers of the castle failed to take future corporate events in to consideration so entry to the site was restricted to a small gateway via a wooden bridge over the moat!  We loaded all of our equipment off our larger trucks onto a small flatbed and moved everything into the castle that way.

Typically of course we also had the weather to contend with. On the first day of setting up we faced the risk of sunburn and on the second day drowning was a concern.  Leading up to and during the event we recorded wind speeds of 50 mph but the SaddleSpan design and ballast supports were more than up to the task.

Such is the nature of temporary structures it was time to take it all down on Monday – the tents are packed up ready to go to their next job – but we’ve had amazing feedback from our client and guests and we think you’ll agree that this SaddleSpan configuration will be sure to take centre stage again.

(Special thanks to Planet Gold Décor for hanging some stunning silks and decorations for the event- check out the photos!)

You can also see how the guys went about putting up the Trispan on this YouTube video.

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