SaddleSpans for Conferences

When organising a conference event, size is an important factor. Finding a venue big enough to accommodate all delegates can be a task. A SaddleSpan offers a large space without compromising on the look and image; our structures offer a spacious and unique setting. Our SaddleSpans can seat up to 1700, including separate bar and catering areas.

The trend for holding conferences in large stylish structures is a fast growing one. An example of this is Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire. They also offer the option of accommodation for attendees. The resort has over 260 stylish and comfortable lodges, studios and cottages with an area near by for setting up a structure such as a SaddleSpan for the event. This means accommodation and venue are on one location.

Another reason for using a SaddleSpan as a conference venue is that it can be branded, dressed and lit to a client’s specification; making it perfectly adaptable. Video mapping is another great feature that can be used; projecting images and video onto the walls of the structure, creating an amazing display.

Call us for more information on using our SaddleSpans at your conference.

Saddles Span at Bluestone Park

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