SaddleSpans at night – getting your tent ready for an evening event

SaddleSpans are used up and down the country for a variety of big events, from weddings to festivals and everything in between. They are commonly used in the daytime, but they can be truly spectacular when hosting night-time events. When properly lit and decorated, these event tents can provide the perfect venue for atmospheric, exciting celebrations.

So, if you’re planning a party, exclusive corporate event or even a wedding reception at night and you have your heart set on holding it in a SaddleSpan tent – here’s the vital info you need to prepare for your event…

Consult a professional lighting designer

SaddleSpan tents tend to be easy to light, as lighting (as well as sound equipment) can be easily installed on the structure. However, they are very large venues, so can be a challenge to light evenly and with the right amount of texture and atmosphere. Common mistakes people make when lighting these tents is to overdo it with industrial-standard floodlights, or to underestimate the lighting requirements of the space – leaving it dim, underlit and actually a bit dangerous in places.

For maximum impact for a night-time event, consult a professional lighting designer to create the right atmosphere inside and to show the tent off against the contrast of the night sky on the outside.

Take extra precautions in the dark

In the daytime, potential hazards such as wires, cables and other tripping hazards can be easily highlighted so that there are no accidents. This becomes a lot trickier during night-time events, as even cable tidies can become tripping hazards in the dark. The key, as mentioned above, is proper lighting – but this time from a safety perspective. You want everyone to have fun at your event, not to end up hurting themselves, so make sure you consider lighting from a safety as well as an aesthetic point of view.

Consider heating, both indoors and out

The British weather can be very unpredictable, so even events held at the height of summer can be a little chilly at night. Look into the best ways you can heat your event tent inside, and you might also want to consider outdoor heat lamps for outdoor elements of your event.

Be security-conscious

If you’re holding a large event at night, where there is likely to be a bar and late night revelry, you may want to consider employing a security guard or bouncer. You’re likely to never need their services, but the combination of alcohol, lots of people and late night fun can sometimes turn a bit rowdy – so taking these precautions gives you peace of mind just in case something should happen.

Consider your neighbours

SaddleSpans at night can be fantastic party venues, especially if you’re planning on installing a bar and a massive dancefloor. However, if your tent has been erected in a built-up area or one with a few residents nearby, be considerate and let them know about your event in advance – and perhaps put a finishing time on the event so that it doesn’t go on all night.

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