S2000 SaddleSpan

The S2000 SaddleSpan is the ideal concert and festival structure where space is at a premium. The structure still offers the same elegant lines as its big brother the S5000 yet has a smaller footprint. This single unit can be branded and installed on grass or hard-standing (ballasted) and comes in two configurations – Canopy and Concert. As a Canopy the S2000 SaddleSpan is open at both ends, perfect as a smaller stage cover or audience shelter. As a Concert tent, the S2000 SaddleSpan is closed at one end, providing back-line and equipment protection yet still leaving a connection with the surrounding countryside and audience.

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Capacity Guidem2Standing*Theatre†Gala‡

Square metre-age is based on the length x width of each structure, the usable square metre-age varies from structure to structure. The capacities provided above are approximate and indicative only, these will vary wherever additional equipment is added i.e. stage, dance floor, bar etc,. and/or if your per-person allowance is greater than that provided for each format.

Suspended Weight Loadings: 64kg per arch – evenly distributed with soft fix only, no clamp

* – Allowance of 0.5m2 per person (HSE’s figure for Density of Crowd)
† – Allowance of 0.75m2 per person (also allows for standing Cocktail format)
‡ – Allowance of 1.8m2 per person

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