SaddleSpan S1000 Opera di Peroni Tour (London)

London July 2012, Regent’s Place

You might have seen on our Facebook page that our new SaddleSpan S1000 Trispan is on tour with the Opera di Peroni; visiting London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

The first stage of the tour is in London.  The live event is being held between the 5th – 7th July.

We installed on Monday 2nd July in pretty windy and wet weather.  The installation itself was a challange as the structure is ballasted (no driving spikes into Regent’s Place)  and we had one day to get the tent and production set-up. Access to the site wasn’t brilliant and we needed to keep all areas open to the public as Triton Square, Regent’s Place a busy business hub.

As always, the team were up to the challange and as you can see from the photos, the S1000 Trispan looks amazing.

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