SaddleSpan Maintenance

As summer finally comes to a close we begin the laborious, but essential, process of cleaning, scrubbing, checking, drying and carefully packing the SaddleSpans safely away for the winter.

After the many different events throughout the year – the upkeep of their fabric is crucial to the longevity and look and feel of these super structures.

Here at The Amazing Tent Company we pride ourselves on our products and their cleanliness and show. Our SadddleSpans must look exceptional every single time they are used – the structures are our ambassadors in the public eye.

Of course we use the SaddleSpans throughout the autumn and winter months too – they are used for corporate Christmas events, conferences, parties and festivals and the regular upkeep means that the structures can cope with all manner of weather thrown at them.

If you would like to work with our Amazing Tents then do not hesitate to call us today and get event advice from our Amazing team here.

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