Roadshows don’t need to be a logistical nightmare

Roadshow events are loathed by all event managers and coordinators. How do you keep a consistent event, with a consistent feel in lots of different locations across the country? How do you find 20 perfect venues in ideal locations to attract a healthy amount of delegates? How are you going to make sure the layout of the event can be consistent, so exhibitors can bring the same promotional equipment every time?

It’s not just that, it’s licencing, it’s legal requirements, it’s health and safety and getting the right forms to the right people on time, every time. Different venues have different demands and policies that you have to abide by. So let’s make it easier for you.

Choosing one of our SaddleSpans for your roadshow venue takes the pain out of organising this kind of event. You won’t need to waste time on finding the perfect indoor venue in multiple locations AND you’ll tick the consistency box every time. Our SaddleSpans can go up anywhere. Plus, we’ll handle all of the logistics for you.

Let us take the strain out of hitting the road. Contact us today to find out more, call +44 (0)1376 346 982 or email

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