Relying on your reputation

Many industries rely on their reputation and it’s something so hard to build but so easy to tarnish. There’s nothing more fundamental to an event planner than their reputation – after all you have no rehearsal, your audience is live and you only get one shot at that event. That’s a scary thought, but it works both ways.

Everyone loves a disaster story, but even better, they love reminiscing about ‘the best night ever’. Make YOUR event the event which keeps on giving. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to something that turns out to be a disappointment. And people really look forward to big events.

Pull on the heart strings of your guests, put on the best entertainment, offer the best wine and the tastiest hors d’oeuvres and create a magical venue. Whether it’s a marketing event for your new product, or it’s a festival, make it a night to remember.

Who knows who may be in the room at these events, who you might impress and what repeat business you might win. But, if you offer a night to remember, you’ll be guaranteed to win new business and build a reputation you can rely on.

If you’re looking for ideas of how to create a wow-factor event, take a look at some of our other blogs for ideas.

Talk soon,
The Amazing Team

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