Overcoming the elements – how to fully weather-proof your event

Changeable weather is the event planner’s nemesis, especially if you’re planning an outdoor shindig. You can’t do anything to alter the weather, as much as you wish you could, and it can ruin your best laid plans.
The only thing you can and should do is to prepare for any and every eventuality. With a Plan B waiting in the wings for every imaginable worst-case scenario, even if you never need to use it, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve got everything covered.
Here’s what to plan in advance to beat that pesky weather forecast and have an amazing event come rain or shine.
If it rains…
Wet guests are undoubtedly unhappy guests, so you’ll need to get them undercover. If your event is completely outdoors, book a SaddleSpan event tent or a large marquee just in case it rains – it will provide vital shelter and can even form an indoor element of your event. It can also be handy for catering, bar and other facilities that may be at the mercy of the elements. You should also think about access to your site if it’s very rainy, because it could get quite muddy underfoot (and under tyre!) You’ll need to arrange to put down woodchip or matting to ensure that no one gets stuck!
If it’s scorching…
You might think that a sunny day is absolutely perfect for outdoor events, but you still need to take precautions. For the health and safety of your guests, you’ll need to provide some shade in the form of a marquee or event tent, and you’ll also need to cover catering and bar suppliers or you could end up with spoiled food and warm drinks! Other nice touches include providing free parasols for shade, free drinking water (vital in hot weather) and free sun cream for children.
If it’s blowing a gale…
Wind and many temporary structures simply don’t work, so make sure you choose a sturdy, reliable venue like a SaddleSpan event tent that can withstand the wind. Take all the advice you can about reinforcing anything that might blow away, and if it’s forecasted to be too windy – consider moving inside or postponing the event for the safety of your guests.
If it’s all three in one day!
British weather is characteristically changeable, so you should be prepared for wind, rain and sun all in one day. Come up with an arrangement that is suitable for all weather conditions from one minute to the next, no matter how unpredictable – for example, provide an event tent to shelter your guests whether it’s sunny or rainy, but make sure it has extra reinforcement in case the wind picks up. Have both umbrellas and sun cream at the ready, and always keep your catering and bar inside or under cover no matter what the forecast.

Remember – plan for everything and nothing will take you by surprise. Good luck!

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