Our solutions to your creative events

In the aftermath of the pandemic, we are seeing event organisers getting creative with their events, to engage and enchant audiences. We’re not sure whether that’s because the general public feel they need bigger, better and more entertainment, or because we’ve had time to develop these exciting ideas whilst sitting at home. 

2022 sees a variety of interesting event solutions for the public to choose from: immersive experiences that claim to be ‘more than just VR’. For example, the War of The Worlds live, where actors, virtual reality and 5D effects place you INSIDE the action, to on-stage holograms at the ABBA Voyage concert where you get to see ABBA’s avatars perform. Events are involving the audience, providing interactive forums and giving them control with voting handsets and video, to smart technology and experiential activities. 

But none of these events, or experiences, would work without the right venue. A venue that’s not right can have an impact on the delivery of the entertainment and the message effectively to the audience. That’s where Amazing Tents can come in!  

Naturally, each event has its own specific objectives – there are key inputs or outputs that need to be delivered. And these stimulating events, which are expensive to produce, need a venue to support these essential deliverables. Our range of tents, from our smaller Saddlespan which can hold from 120 people, right up to our Quadspan – the only one in Europe – which can hold over 3,500 audience members means we’re sure to have an event venue solution for you. 

We can help you consider what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, the functionality you need, and how you want to use the space. Open canopy? Or enclosed space? Most events have a stage, or performance area of some kind and our tents allow branding, projection and the options for stunning lighting effects are endless, having a huge impact on atmosphere. Examples include projection-mapping presentations on to a blank canvas turning it into a live show, or immersive technology where presenters can control the presentation using body movements and even interact with videos and add comments live on stage. 

Take your event to the next level, create a buzz and attract those new demanding audiences – with our help. Get in touch and we’ll talk through your next creative event and Amazing Tent needs.

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