On Guard!

Horse Guards Parade is one of the most prestigious sites in the UK, backing on to Number 10 Downing Street and sitting within the golden triangle of The Mall, Buckingham Palace and Westminster. Whilst it has hosted many events over the years, there has not been a temporary tented event on Horse Guards Parade since the reign of Henry 8th… that is until this year!

Enter The Amazing Tent Company – contracted to provide a SaddleSpan in this most exclusive of addresses, the team at Amazing installed the structure to provide covered clearspan space for a VIP Aerospace audience. “We are extremely proud to have been involved in this project and as prestigious events go, it doesn’t get better than this” remarked Steve Haddrell, Director. The Household Cavalry put on a specially choreographed display for this one-off event enjoyed from the comfort and shelter of the SaddleSpan, by just a few hundred of Aerospace’s elite.

The project was not without its complications though as explained by Dan Hyde, Director “As you can imagine, this is an incredibly security sensitive site, with very many administrative loops to jump through. But it’s not every day you get to build a structure in the Prime Ministers back garden! Ultimately this is what we do best – bring us a challenge and we will break it down into bite-size chunks, working methodically, speedily and professionally until the job is done”. For more information on SaddleSpan installations, contact a member of the Amazing Tent team today.

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