Off with a bang with our Arco Tent!

In early 2010 The Amazing Tent Company was selected to supply tent structures for a nine-date, nine-venue road-show to appear in major cities across the UK coinciding with the BBC’s high-voltage science programme, Bang Goes the Theory.

Increasing in size due to its popularity in year one, year two saw the addition of further structures from Amazing Tent. As well as a SaddleSpan structure, the Gloucestershire-based rental company provided a brand-new design, the ARCO 100.

“We continually grow and develop our range – sourcing, customising and supplying complimentary structures that work both as stand-alone products, or as part of a much bigger production package”, Steve Haddrell, Director.

The structure housed a side-by-side stage show as well as an interactive exhibition, both anchored with a special ballast system. A custom made solution was required due to a tight logistical schedule and hard-standing sites in each city centre.

In addition to designing anchorage, Amazing Tents designed and retro-fitted side panels to the ARCO that would fit with the ‘Bang banners’ and provide clear routes in and out of the structure.

“We relish the challenge to come up with new and innovative systems that give our customers a real differentiator. I am sure this is the first of many new designs which we look forward to rolling out over the coming months!” Dan Hyde, Technical Director.

To find out more about the ARCO 100 call Amazing on +44 (0)1453 861131. More information on Tent here: Arco tent

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