Multi-Zone Conference Marquee

For flexibility and originality consider the S5000 TriSpan multi-zone conference marquee.

What is a S5000 TriSpan?

An S5000 TriSpan is three SaddleSpans build in a clover-leaf formation. This arrangement gives three areas connected by a central stage or focus point.

Why have a multi-zone conference marquee?

For conferences with a large number of delegates (the TriSpan can seat over 1800) it is often impossible to engage all the delegates – especially the ones in the back – but with a TriSpan configuration you can have three smaller areas all focussing on the same point or you can set up three different zones, each having different uses such as a conference area, breakout zone and refreshment area.

What does an S5000 TriSpan look like?

Take a look at this aerial image (click for larger image) and imagine what you can do with this space…

Contact us now if you would like more information on how a multi-zone conference marquee can work for you and your delegates.

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