More Amazing events added to the 2012 summer schedule

The Amazing Tent crew are in for an exciting summer packed full of delightful events, and this week we have added a couple more to the busy schedule.
In July we will be providing an S5000 SaddleSpan concert stage cover for the Larmer Tree Festival. The stage cover will be positioned on a deck covering the main stage. We look forward to being a part of this picturesque and wonderful event.
We also journeyed down to Weymouth to confirm arrangements for supplying an S2000 SaddleSpan canopy for the Weymouth free beach event. The event takes place during the opening day of the Olympics. The structure will form part of a spectacular choral presentation with the Olympic opening ceremony beamed live on huge projection screens – Sounds fantastic, we look forward to seeing the finished spectacle.
Also confirmed this week, The Amazing Tent Company will be working with Dave Fuller of G Stages to provide state of the art decking systems, custom designed to support our structures. We will write up a separate blog post about this soon…
We are really excited to be supplying our event tents to some truly fascinating places this summer, lets hope the rain clears soon and we get some sun to accompany them.

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