Marquees and tents are a must for local festivals

More and more towns and villages throughout the UK are putting on festivals, fetes and markets, especially in summer time. These events are a fabulous way to get communities together, boost local businesses and promote local talent (i.e. musicians, artists, crafters).

Planning one of these events can be a tricky business. You often have to work with a very limited budget, and there’s not always a clear idea of how many people will actually attend. Then there’s the weather to contend with….

Try a tent!

Unless you have a community hall or another indoor venue to fall back on, the best way to protect your event from the elements is to use tents. Event tents and marquees – available in different sizes depending on the scale of the event – are perfect for community events such as fairs, fetes and markets. They allow people to mill in and out, they can easily accommodate lots of stalls and they are great social spaces.

Tents also make great spaces for concerts, performances and readings, as they can be easily fitted out with lighting and sound equipment, and they also have great acoustics – especially if you go for specially designed festival stage covers.

In summer, people want to enjoy the outdoors. With a tent, the people who come to your event can enjoy the best of both worlds – the fresh air and sunshine as well as a cover to duck under in case it rains. Remember – you can’t control the weather on the day of your event, but you can prepare for it.

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