Marquee Hire for Corporate Events

In 2013, corporate event planners and managers did a wonderful job of promoting their companies by creating amazing events with a shrinking budget. 2014 is expected to be even more challenging, not only because budgets will be even tighter but because they will be expected to top the excellent events they organised in 2013.

One way to create an amazing event is to do something totally different. Corporate events in a hotel conference room are fine but totally predictable. A corporate event in the middle of a national park, castle grounds or a power station is something else completely.

The event planners that created the events mentioned previously thought out of the box. Instead of thinking “Where can I hold an event?” they thought “Where do I want to hold an event?” and then worked out the details.

With Amazing Tent’s Corporate Marquee Hire, planners can stage an event anywhere they choose. Our SaddleSpans can hold vast numbers of guests in total comfort. The marquees can be branded and configured to work for you. If you want the bar area, catering area, seating area and dancing area to be separate from each other that’s no problem. If you need seating for thousands in a typical conference configuration we can do that too.

Here at The Amazing Tent Company we understand the challenges faced by corporate event planners because we have many years experience working with them. As well as providing the marquee we are able to provide event consultation that covers every aspect of creating a successful event.

2014 may be a challenging year for event planners but it is also a year of opportunity here at Amazing Tent we want to help you achieve something wonderful and memorable for your client.

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