Is your event weather-proof?

No matter what kind of outdoor event you’re planning, if you’re holding it in the UK then you better be ready for bad or at the very least changeable weather. You might be lucky and get a gorgeous sunny day for your event, but the best event organisers plan for the very worst to ensure that there are no nasty surprises on the big day.

Get under cover

Obviously, you can’t physically stop wind or rain from happening in the first place, but you can take steps to stop it from affecting your event too badly. The most important thing to do is to arrange some form of shelter in case it rains. This could be in the form of marquees or small tents which people can bob under if the heavens open.

Do you need to rethink your venue?

If you’ve got a large outdoor event planned and the weather forecast is looking like it will be bad all day, putting up a few marquees in case of rain simply won’t cut it. In this case, you might want to switch venues.

This doesn’t mean getting a new site – you can simply pop up an event tent on your existing site. This kind of venue, offering cover and shelter as well as having open sides and entryways if desired, lets the sunshine and fresh air in on good weather days and keeps everyone warm and dry if the bad weather hits.

Just remember to cover all bases and plan for the worst weather – this will prevent nasty surprises on the day!

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