Is your event prepared for the worst?

The key to successful event organising is not envisaging how amazing your day will be (although fingers crossed, it will be!) – it’s imagining what can go wrong.

This isn’t just a rather pessimistic way of looking at event planning. Imagining worst-case scenarios is the only way to prepare for them, so that your event has more chance of running smoothly.

Worst-case scenarios: what to prepare for

Amongst the most common worried-about situations for event planners are:

• Bad weather. In the UK, we can consider ourselves lucky that it’s only wind and rain we have to worry about, rather than blizzards, earthquakes and hurricanes like in other countries! However, wind and rain alone can ruin an outdoor event, but not if you’re prepared with large marquees and event tents for guests to shelter under. If the weather goes your way, your tents won’t be essential, but they are handy alternative spaces for you to use.

• Fire. This is something that all organisers dread, as it can be very serious indeed. If you follow all fire precautions to the letter (and then go one step further) and carry out all risk assessments, you should be fine.

• Non-attendance. If people don’t turn up, your event could be a flop. You need some sort of contingency plan for this – even if it is just calling in a few favours from friends and family members!

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