Introducing the SaddleSpan S1000

There’s a new addition to the Amazing Tent family!  The S1000 Trispan is the little sister of the S5000. This stunning structure is ideal for smaller event shelters, promotional covers and mini stages, with the potential to house approximately 600 people.

The SaddleSpan S1000 Trispan is made of three 90m2 units, totalling 450m2 when installed with walls. Its beautiful curvaceous design will make a statement at any event, while its advanced engineering will withstand high wind speeds, providing shelter from rain or shine.

Made from a similar canvas to our other SaddleSpans, the S1000 can look fantastic with minimal lighting, is the perfect surface to project upon and can be easily branded. It can also be installed as three single units.

If you would like more details on the structure, including pricing, please contact us or call the office on 01452 861131.

(Photo Credit: Erika Tobiassen)

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