Indoor luxury in an outdoor venue – it is possible!

Outdoor venues such as event tents and large marquees make fantastic venues for professional events such as conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. They’re also good for corporate events, such as team building days, training programmes and networking events.

This kind of venue offers something a bit different to the normal kind of venue. A large tent can be placed practically anywhere where there is space for it, it offers a taste of the outdoors and the chance to use outdoor space while also offering shelter from the elements.

However, an outdoor venue also offers more complicated challenges than a standard indoor venue. For example, toilets and other facilities, power, heating and lighting and other things we take for granted in buildings. With a little creative thinking and the help of some well-chosen experts, you can overcome these challenges and add a touch of indoor luxury to your outdoor venue.


This is one of the most common issues raised when choosing an outdoor venue like an event tent for a conference or exhibition – what happens about flooring? You don’t necessarily want your guests and visitors walking on grass or concrete, but what other options are available? The good news is that there are lots of different things you can do to create a proper floor in your outdoor venue, including laying marquee flooring. Specialists in professional outdoor events will be able to advise you on temporary flooring solutions that clip, snap or otherwise fit together, so that a floor can be installed very quickly across a large space affordably.


You have two options when planning bathroom facilities for your guests. The first is to site your event tent near a building which already has toilets, or ask a nearby business if they could allow access to their facilities. The second is to install temporary toilets on the site – these don’t have to be horrible festival toilets though, as there are better quality options available.


Depending on the size of conference tent you choose, you’re going to need to use a generator or other temporary electrici ty supply to power your event. Again, this is where you’ll need to speak to a specialist, to make sure your power supply is both reliable and safe. Luckily, venues such as SaddleSpan tents are designed to be wired up for lighting, heating and sound, leaving plenty of space for safe and efficient power solutions.


Holding a conference or exhibition in an event tent doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate and furnish the space just as you would in an indoor venue. In fact, there are even more opportunities to unleash your creative side and give the space a complete makeover to suit your event. You can design the space, furnish it, add accessories and decorations, banners and exhibition stand, so that your guests get the full ‘wow factor’ as soon as they walk in.

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